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New Review System Milestone for Fair Market Competition

Author::Michael Gu,Sun Sihui浏览次数: Sep 23,2016

Authored by Mr. Michael Gu (Partner  at AnJie Law Firm) and Ms. Sun Sihui


On June 1 2016 the State Council published its Opinions on Establishing a Fair Competition Review System in the Development of the Market Regime, signalling the formal establishment of China's fair competition review system. The fair competition review system is a major initiative to ensure fair play among participants in the Chinese market. It is also a significant instrument for promoting the development of China's socialist market economy and the reform of its economic system from the top down.

The opinions represent a key step towards establishing the competition policy and implementing the State Council's measures to streamline administration and delegate more power to lower-level governments. The opinions will also:

  • have a profound influence on the supervision and regulation of government activity;
  • promote market-oriented policy development;
  • stimulate creativity and vitality among market players; and
  • foster fair market competition.


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