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Veteran Attorney Joins AnJie Law Firm’s Shenzhen Office

浏览次数: Jan 5,2017

Pan Xiang started to practice law in 1993 and became a practicing lawyer in 1998. His practice mainly focuses on litigation and arbitration, insurance and reinsurance, investment and financing, corporate governance and operations, and labor law. As a specialist in litigation, Pan is highly adept at handling complicated cases of all types. His role as an arbitrator for the Shenzhen Arbitration Commission (SZAC) affords Pan Xiang an alternate angle when examining a case, and he can readily apply the thought patterns of a judge to identify the crux of a dispute and solve its problems.

As a part-time arbitrator of the Shenzhen Labor Dispute Arbitration Committee, Pan Xiang has arbitrated a large number of labor dispute cases, and is therefore skilled in constructing systems for corporations to protect against labor risk, as well as preventing labor risks and resolving disputes in all other respects. He also has a depth of experience covering the legalities of investing and financing, and corporate governance and operations. He has frequently participated in televised broadcasts as a guest expert and commentator for Shenzhen TV, Phoenix Satellite TV, HKSTV and other broadcasters. His wise words and advice covering issues of societal construction and management have made him one of the most popular public figures in his locality.

Please refer to http://www.anjielaw.com/professional/353.html for Pan Xiang’s personal profile

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