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AnJie Lawyer Delivers Speech on the Peking University E-commerce Law and Development Research Base Annual Meeting

浏览次数: Dec 20,2016

On December 17, 2016, during the annual meeting of the Peking University E-commerce Law and Development Research base annual meeting, held in Peking University, AnJie partner Mr. Zhao Kefeng was invited to attend, and comment on the core issues for opposing unfair competition over the Internet.

The opening speech was delivered by Mr. Zhang Shouwen, dean of Peking University Law School; Mr. Lu Wei, Secretary General of the China Internet Association (CIA); and Mr. Yang Hongcan, director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) Consumer Protection Bureau. Following that, Mr. Shi Yuzhi, deputy director of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee made the keynote speech to guests from within the legislature, regulatory authorities, industry, judicial practice and academia. This meeting also summarized new issues and trends for China’s E-commerce and Internet law in 2016, mirroring the viewpoint of, and suggestions for E-commerce and Internet law from amongst different circles.

From the anti-competition panel,Mr. Zhao Kefeng delivered a speech, commenting on Internet legislation issues under the Anti-Monopoly Law (AML), the currently applicable scope of AML Article 2, and representative anti-competition cases from within the Internet industry, as well as interacting with other guests. These included Ms. Gao Weiwei, director of the Public Transport Department under State Council Legislative Affairs Office; Mr. Jiao Yan, vice president of the Beijing Higher People’s Court Intellectual Property Court; senior director Mr. Zhu Weiguo from Alibaba; and Mr. Zhang Qinkun, secretary general of Tencent Research Institute.


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