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Comments by AnJie Antitrust Expert regarding Transnational Litigation in Vitamin C Industry

浏览次数: Aug 25,2012

Recently, Dr. Zhan Hao, Managing Partner of AnJie Law Firm and Arbitrator of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission(CIETAC), made comments from an antimonopoly perspective on a 7-year-long transnational litigation in vitamin C industry when being interviewed by journalists.

Early in the beginning of 2005, a few American companies and natural persons instituted legal proceedings in America against four Chinese vitamin C manufacturers, namely Welcome Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, Weisheng Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, Jiangshan Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, and Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd on account of monopolizing the market with high price. Dr. Zhan expressed “antitrust cases, unlike anti-dumping cases, bear no time limit for litigations. In addition to the long processes of defenses and evidence collection, America’s extraterritorial jurisdiction further slows down the case.”

Dr. Zhan also suggests international operators to observe local antitrust laws and regulations so as to survive in the growing international trade conflicts.

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