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The Theory of Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law and Practice

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The Theory of Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law and Practice

 Authored by Dr. Zhan Hao

The Theory of Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law and Practice is an innovative work sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM). The book discusses Anti-monopoly Law theories and provides a review of a number of eminent domestic and foreign Competition/Anti-monopoly Law cases. Readers will find important legal concepts, principles and references to important institutions concerning the Anti-monopoly Law of the PRC, which came into force August 1st 2008. Each chapter contains Anti-monopoly cases illustrating the application of China’s anti-monopoly law,which assists readers to better understand the relevant law. The book explores controversial issues such as the role of the guild under the Anti-monopoly Law, the exercise of intellectual property rights and anti-monopoly private litigation. Dr. Zhan Hao shares his opinions on these issues and introduces a comparative analysis with other countries' advanced experience and practices, incorporating not only Anti-monopoly Law but also Chinese economic law, contract law, company law, administrative law and civil law, which together make up the legislative framework of competition law in China.


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