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  • Name: Xia Yibin
  • Job Title: Partner
  • Tel: 021-2422 4818
  • Fax: 021-2422 4800
  • E-mail: xiayibin@anjielaw.com
  • Expertise: Litigation & Arbitration,Insurance and reinsurance,Private wealth management


People's Republic of China

Education Background

  • LLB, East China University of Political Science and Law
  • Bachelor of Medicine Shanghai, Jiaotong University

Working Experience

  • Partner  AnJie Law Firm

Social Posts

  • Member of the Committee of Health Care Research
  • Member of the Committee of Insurance Research



  • Leading Individual in the Field of Healthcare & Life Sciences -Legal 500, 2015
  • Leading Individual in the Field of Insurance-Legal 500, 2015, 2016


  • Mandarin English
  • Chinese 
  • Representative Cases

 Litigation and Arbitration

Xia Yibin provides distinguished companies and financial institutions with professional litigation services. He specializes in Contract disputes, equity investment disputes, labor dispute, cooperating disputes with foreign companies and serves as agent ad litem and arbitration. Mr Xia handles numerous important Investment and financing disputes, subrogation disputes and enforcement cases, thereby safeguarding parties’ legitimate interests.
Mr Xia assembled a professional team which focuses on dispute settlement. Team members keep themselves updated with newly released legislations as well as perspectives regarding with litigation and arbitration practice. Also, this team established good relationship with relevant judicial and arbitral authorities. His success can be attributed to good command of related principles, legislation and regulation together with sophisticated trial skills. Mr Xia and his team deal with approximately 60 cases every year in average and, meanwhile, he serves as regular legal consultant for many large-scale enterprises, which enable his provision of legal service throughout the nation.
He has accumulated a wealth of experience this field. Recent cases whereby he has acted as advocate for the parties include:
  • Enforced foreign arbitral awards in Chinese court for clients from United States and Singapore.
  • Represented a multinational company in all disputes before courts.
  • Won CIETAC arbitration for a Chinese company in a breach of contract dispute.
  • Represented a Taiwanese investment company in an equity dispute before Shanghai First Intermediate People's Court.
  • Represented a nature person in a deposit dispute against ICBC.
  • Represented Ingram micro in lots of contract disputes before different courts. 
  • Represented an insurance company in an insurance claim suit against a logistics firm.
  • Represented a Trust company in financial service contracts whose amount of claim is 450 million. 
  • Represented a loan dispute involving real estate mortgage between an investment company and a group company.
  • Represented a house mortgage contract dispute between an investment company and an International bank whose amount of claim is 220 millions

Insurance and reinsurance

Xia Yibin, who has been qualified as FLMI by the Life Office Management Associate, served as the director of the Claim Department of a leading International Insurance Company, which enables him to have extensive experience and resources in the insurance sector and, meanwhile, to get familiar with the operation as well as risk control practices of insurance companies.Mr. Xia has achieved expertise in providing legal services on all fronts of the insurance industry, including but not limited to litigation and arbitration arising out of insurance claims and subrogation, establishment of insurance companies,equity acquisitions, insurance funds investment and operations, compliance management, legal risk review of insurance products, corporate governance, subordinated debt issuance and public financing. Also, Mr Xia particularly specializes in providing professional advice on the internet financial innovation. He has served insurers with the development of internet insurance products and internet innovators with seeking cooperation with insurance companies and expansion of business scale. 
Xia Yibin has a wealth of experience in litigation and arbitration regarding to life insurance disputes. Thanks to his 6-year practice as a clinician, Mr Xia has profound knowledge of life insurance related disease and health care. His success can be attributed to good command of related principles, legislation and regulation together with sophisticated trial skills. He has established long-term stable cooperation with many insurance companies.
His other experiences in providing commercially astute legal advice for domestic and international clients include:
  • Represented Huatai insurance company in an insurance claim suit against Shanghai Huateng Software System Co.,Ltd
  • Represented Huatai insurance company in an insurance claim suit against a natural person 
  • Represented Huatai insurance company in a labor related arbitration and subsequently suit
  • Represented Huatai insurance company in a series of insurance contract suits and recover all of them
  • Represented CCBC Life to sue an insurance agent for embezzlement
  • Provided service for a life insurance company in its development of a lawyers’ platform
  • Represented an insurance company in an insurance claim suit against a logistics firm
  • Represented a property insurance company in a third-party insurance suit against a logistics firm
  • Provided legal service for Tainiu (Beijing) company in usage based insurance products development
  • Represented a life insurance company before the Guangzhou court in an insurance litigation involving ten insurance companies claiming 120 million yuan

Private wealth management

His experience in this field includes:

  • Provided several leading Chinese insurance companies and private banks with training lectures on private wealth management;
  • Acted as private legal counsel on managing private wealth for individual clients;
  • Cooperated with family offices and international private banks on tax planning, foreign investment and giving legal advices on local legislation and regulation.

Selected Publications 

  • How to protect legitimate rights and interests when commercial transactions engaged in crime,China Business Law Journal,2016
  • Insurance trusts: a new means of wealth management, ILO, 2016
  • How to recognize legal variants of usage-based insurance, China Business Law Journal, 2015. 
  • How to conduct and improve social surveillance mechanism in Medicine domain under Anti unfair competition law,China Business Law Journal, 2014