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  • Name: Chen Bin
  • Job Title: Partner
  • Tel: 010-85675988/5990
  • Fax: 010-85675999
  • E-mail: chenbin@anjielaw.com
  • Expertise: Energy&Mining, Litigation&Arbitration, Real Estate&Construction, Banking&Finance, Infrastructures

People’s Republic of China

Wuhan University, School of Law, LL.B

Working Experience

  • Partner, AnJie Law Firm
  • Partner, Grandall Law Firm, Beijing
  • Partner, Zhong Lun W&D Law Firm
  • Executive Partner, Yong Jin Law Firm
  • Partner, Jin Tai Law Firm
  • Associate, Zhong Lun Law Firm

Social Posts

  • Commissioner of Energy Law Committee of Beijing Lawyers’ Association
  • Commissioner of Real Estate, Construction and Infrastructure Committee of Beijing Lawyers’Association
  • Invited Financial Counselor of Strategic Investment and Financing Alliance for Chinese Small and Medium-sized Enterprises


  • Recommended lawyer in Projects and Energy in China 2015 -- Legal 500 
  • Leading lawyer in Banking and Project Financing in China 2014 -- Asialaw
  • Top 15 Litigators in China in 2014-- Asian Legal Business (ALB) 
  • Leading lawyer in Banking and Project Financing in China 2014 -- China Law & Practice (CLP)


  • Chinese
  • English

Representative Matters

Energy and Mining

His practice areas include: setup, M&A and restructuring of energy and mineral enterprises, PE investment and public financing, debt issuance for mineral companies (syndicated loan), M&A and cooperation between domestic and foreign mining projects, obtain and transfer of exploration and exploitation rights, risk-assessment and transaction-modeling for energy and mineral projects and etc.
The typical representations are listed as follows:

  • Representing PetroChina in its establishing PetroChina Jiangsu LNG Corporation;
  • Conducting due diligence and providing legal services for PetroChina Kunlun Gas Co., Ltd in its purchase of Nanning pipeline gas company, Chengdu JHNCC gas company, Chengdu Petrochemical Company, and Chengdu Zhongju Gas Company;
  • Establishing a holding company for a renown innovation capital to run regional gas business, conduct gas M&A and obtain franchise;
  • Representing a private enterprise in Shandong province in its overseas PE to invest in Ningxia methyl ether project;
  • Conducting legal investigations for a HongKong mining-investor in its purchasing Inner Mongolia Wuhai coal mine and advising on its disposal of exploitation rights and implementation of M&A plan.
  • Making risk-assessments and transaction-modeling for an oil-refining company in Shandong in its cooperative purchase of crude oil abroad;
  • Legal counseling on a syndicated loan for the potassium mining project and the construction of its supporting infrastructures in Lop Nor of Xinjiang;
  • Representing a Shanxi Coal Group in its BOT in Laotian for exploration of mineral resources and railway construction;
  • Representing a power station in financing, coal purchase and transport for its 2X,30 million power project at Phase2;
  • Reviewing projects contracts and EMC contracts, issuing legal opinions and drafting legal documents for Xuanhua Steeling and Ironing Group, such as, contracts for product component, for transfer of exploration and exploitation rights, for joint exploration and exploitation, and for developers’ capital contribution and etc.

Real Estate and Construction
His practice areas include: first-class development of land, construction of new towns, obtain of land-use rights, establishment of real estate fund, PE investment, real estate loan, transfer of real estate projects, purchase of real estate under construction, sales of real estate, lease of large real estate, asset management, real estate securitization, tender offer and bidding for construction projects, construction contracting, projects management, risk control of final cost, and dispute settlement.
The typical representations are listed as follows:

  • Representing a major real estate developer in its negotiation with Chinese government on contractual conditions for first-class development of land;
  • Representing American P&G in its obtaining land-use rights in Beijing R&D center;
  • Representing a company in Shangdong in its obtain of land-use rights by land reclamation;
  • Representing a real estate fund in its fund-raising, establishment, operation and external investment;
  • Representing PetroChina’s affiliate in its purchase of real estate and obtain of ownership certificate;
  • Representing Fenghuangcheng Real Estate Company in its transfer of equities;
  • Legal counseling for over 10 major real estate companies;
  • Providing legal services for over 20 real estate projects as Full Link Square, Tian Tong Yuan, Silver Lake Villa and etc.
  • Serving as a legal counsel for China International Contractors Association, International Economic Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce of PRC;
  • Representing Chinese enterprises and Chinese government in their supportive construction of Tanzania-Zambia railway Phase 11 project, Foreign Ministry Building of East Timor, Syrian higher education network;
  • Conducting legal investigation on the collapse of Afghanistan Kabul Republic hospital supportively constructed by Chinese government;
  • Counseling for PetroChina in its EPC contractual modeling for west-east gas pipeline at phase2;
  • Review of general contract, subcontracts and equipment-procuring contracts for construction of Century Technology & Trade Building;
  • Helping with final-cost dispute settlement for Full Link Square project
  • Representing an environmental technology company in its investment and construction of waste-heat generation project and several desulfuration projects;
  • Representing many developers in the litigations and arbitrations relating transfers of real estate, contract settlements and claims.

Infrastructure and Project Financing

His practice areas include: tender offer and bidding, project investment and operation, capital-raising for project-establishment and procurement of materials and equipment, project construction, project transfer and environment protection.
The typical representations are listed as follows:

  • Counseling for PetroChina in its bidding for west-east gas pipeline project at phase2;
  • Representing a power station in Hubei in its Phase2, contracting for land acquisition, demolition and relocation, PE and procurement of materials;
  • Issuing legal opinions for an institutional trustor in its investment on municipal projects of water supply, sewage disposal, highway and bridge construction;
  • Representing a foreign-funded enterprise in its BOT/BT program to draft and review franchise agreement, management agreement, syndicated loan contract, contract of guaranty, insurance agreement;
  • Representing a municipal government in Jiangsu in its franchised disposal of sewage and garbage;
  • Representing Xuanhua Steeling and Ironing Group in power-generating projects.

Banking and Finance
Associate Chen has extensive expertise across a broad range of finance transactions including general banking, disposal of non-performing assets, debts restructuring and liquidation, project financing and guarantee, syndicated loans, assets securitization, trust and financial leasing and etc.
Associate Chen’s typical representations are as follows:

  • Preparing standard contracts for a state-owned commercial bank;
  • Representing a state-owned bank and a trust and investment corporation in its disposal of non-performing assets;
  • Providing legal services to a state-owned commercial bank in its project loan and finance;
  • Representing clients in syndicated loan for sylvine mining and infrastructure construction;
  • Representing a trust and investment corporation in its trust plan of assembled funds to be invested in equities of listed companies, warrants, securities investment funds, bonds, money market funds, fixed-income securities of stock exchange, futures, usufruct of transferred equities, rent usufruct, usufruct of account receivable, buyout credit assets, infrastructure construction, open-end and closed-end funds;
  • Representing a bank in its loan project review;
  • Providing legal services to a financial leasing company;
  • Assisting banks in rural areas and towns in their establishment and compliance;
  • Representing clients in major litigations and arbitrations, such as, letter of credit, and other commercial instruments.

Litigation and Arbitration
Representing China Trust and Investment Corporation for Economic Development (liquidation group), Zhongrun Economic Development Co., Ltd, China Great Wall Asset Management Corporation, Ruihua Investment Holding Ltd, Shenzhen Horse-racing Club and etc in their major complicated litigations and arbitrations.