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Private Equity & Venture Capital


Private Equity & Venture Capital (PE&VC) services by AnJie Law Firm cover every link of the whole funds-investment chain from funds establishment, investment to project company, to successful exit from the project company. Our services include inception companies’ financing, growth companies’ financing, multiple-rounds financing, bridge loans and exit upon being listed and etc.

Through their years of experience and extensive knowledge in the field, AnJie PE&VC lawyers have received unanimous approval from their clients in delivering high-quality services. We provide a full range of PE&VC services across various industry sectors including renewable energy resources, training and education, mass media, retails mining, pharmacy and etc. The PE&VC team professionals work closely with specialists from our commercial law, labor &employment, and intellectual properties teams to provide integrated and comprehensive solutions to clients.

Our Expertise

AnJie lawyers are able to provide clients with private equity & venture capital services including but not limited to the following aspects:

·Establishing funds and financing

·Assessing investing opportunities and conducting due diligence

·Designing and negotiating on investing models

·Managing issues post-investment

·Exiting investment (strategic selling, refinancing and going public)or M&A deals (including joint-stock equity and asset selling)in other forms

·Representing invested companies in their M&A, restructuring and going public