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Real Estate and Construction


Real estate and construction is one of AnJie’s primary practice areas. AnJie’s lawyers are able to provide real estate investors, developers, banks, project owners, and construction enterprises with a full range of services, covering real estate investment, project mergers and acquisitions,land first-level exploitation, construction, rentals and sales of real estate, property management, bid and tender, and settlement of projects.

AnJie’s lawyers are also able to provide effective services relating to real estate disputes in order to safeguard client interests, based upon their deep understanding of real estate investment, construction, and transactions.

AnJie also extends its services into issues concerning real estate financing and proving legal services regarding commercial properties, housing, and industrial properties.

Our Expertise

AnJie’s lawyers are able to provide clients with real estate and construction services including, but not limited to, the following aspects:

First-class development of land

·Legal modeling for investment and financing, drafting legal documents; assisting clients in draft of relocation compensation and other managing issues for developers

Development of real estate

·Assisting clients in tender inviting, auctions, and listings regarding land-use rights; drafting contracts for the sale or transfer of land-use rights; formulating legal frameworks for project companies; drafting and reviewing cooperative and project developing contracts and addressing other managing issues; drafting and reviewing documents relating to every step of a development project, including survey and design, construction, supervision, purchase of equipment and basic materials, marketing strategies, housing rental and sales, property management, and delivery of homes

Project investment and M&A

·Conducting due diligence for project companies; transaction modeling; drafting legal documents; reviewing and negotiating; reviewing and supervising asset, equity, or project delivery  

Renting of commercial properties

·Conducting due diligence concerning property ownership and rental compliance; drafting, reviewing, and negotiating leasing contracts; settling all disputes in contracting period

Real estate finance

·Representing trust companies, asset management companies, and PE funds in their investment in real estate with regards to due diligence, investment modeling, drafting and reviewing investment documents, governmental approval, recording, and supervising, etc.


·Counseling clients on market access policies in other cities or areas, reviewing bid and tender documents, drafting and reviewing project constructing contracts, assessing legitimacy for contracting and subcontracting as well as relevant document drafting and reviewing, and supervising construction contract performance

Dispute Resolution

· Settling disputes regarding real estate cooperative development, housing ownership, contracts for purchase and/or sale of real estate, leasing contracts, mortgage contracts, real estate loans, equities of project companies, construction compensation claims and counter-claims, and project settlement