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Infrastructure and Project Financing


Infrastructure & project financing (I & PF) is one of the major practice areas of AnJie Law Firm. Our team specializes in areas including power plant, power station, toll road, railway, bridge, airport, port, urban rail transit, sewage disposal facilities, garbage disposal facilities, water supply and drainage, gas pipeline and other infrastructures of public interest.

AnJie I&PF team of professionals consist of many partners and senior lawyers. The team has extensive experience at financing models and operational models of infrastructure projects, and has in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws, regulations and rules. They are proficient in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. With considerable experience in construction, financing and infrastructure management, AnJie delivers legal services of international standard to a wide range of clients including local governments, developers, investors, project companies, contractors, lending bank and other dealers in infrastructures.

AnJie lawyers provides comprehensive and innovative solutions tailored to clients’ objectives on issues such as transaction model, establishment of project company, financing (including mortgage of movables, mortgage of immovables, pledge of intellectual properties, pledge of equities, pledge of debt receivables, pledge of accounts, feasibility of guarantee by a third party, guarantee of project profits), demolition and relocation, obtain of land-use rights, construction bid and tender, construction contracting and subcontracting, environmental protection, insurance, tax preference, control of foreign exchange, project approval and registration, pricing and compensating mechanism, interfering by lending bank, asset securitization, governmental coordination. Our I&PF team provides a full range of services to clients including formulating transaction model, drafting and reviewing legal documents, negotiating in the project implementation process, and issuing legal opinions that reflect our clients’ needs.

AnJie has considerable experience advising on large-scale, public utilities projects franchised by local governments, such as BOT、BT、PPP、BOO、BOOT、IBR. They conduct extensive and in-depth studies on legal risk preventions as construction risk, project delay, cost overrun, unqualified construction, financial risk, insufficient financing, interest fluctuation, inflation, governmental credit risk, force majeure, buy-back risk and etc. We advise clients on implementing infrastructure projects, providing feasible solutions and recommendations in every stage of the process.

AnJie lawyers have acted as counselors for many large enterprises and governmental institutions in and abroad, representing them in project launches, project negotiations, drafting and review of contracts, project acceptance check and project disputes. AnJie lawyers also provide comprehensive legal services on post-investment supervision, returns and aftermath work. AnJie lawyers not only advise local government and businesses in infrastructure, but also provide high-quality services to foreign enterprises, thereby further strengthening our practice in both the domestic and international markets. Furthermore, AnJie lawyers provide local governments, developers and investors with legal trainings on construction, investing and financing models and operational models.

Our Expertise

AnJie lawyers are able to provide clients with infrastructure and project financing services including but not limited to the following aspects:

·Conducting due diligences and issuing legal reports

·Preparing project establishment documents

·Assisting clients in bid and tender, contract drafting, contractual negation and performance, completion acceptance and account settlement

·Formulating transaction models for clients, including financing modes, demonstration of guarantee modes, drafting, reviewing legal documents (including franchised contracts, financing contracts, contracts of guarantee, contracts on equipment and materials purchase)

·Land expropriation, requisition, renting, housing relocation and compensation

·Selecting project operator, drafting and reviewing project contracts

·Drafting and reviewing project transfer documents

·Handling official formalities for project approval and registration

·Issuing legal opinions

·Litigations and arbitrations concerning I&PF