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Securities and Capital Market


Securities and capital market is one of the major practice areas of AnJie Law Firm. AnJie lawyers have specialist expertise in relation to corporate IPO, refinancing, corporate bonds, enterprise bonds, bonds of medium-sized and small enterprises and short-term financing. Our team has extensive experience in advising clients on corporate governance and compliance performance through due diligence in order to protect clients’ legitimate interests and prevent legal risks. AnJie lawyers advise and act for a range of corporate clients in fields of chemical engineering, energy, transportation, manufacturing, environmental protection, agriculture and consulting.

Our Expertise

AnJie lawyers are able to provide clients with securities and capital market services including but not limited to the following aspects:

·Conducting overall due diligences including subject qualification, historical origins, major asset relations, major debtor-creditor relations, business areas, working staff, affiliated parties and transactions, taxation and environmental protection

·Formulating reorganization solutions and counseling on solution implementation, relevant agreements, and other specific issues during implementation

·Drafting reorganization-related shareholders’ resolutions, board resolution, articles of association for joint-stock companies (draft), sponsorship agreement, documents for inaugural conference, affiliated transaction agreement and other documents, and assisting in corporate inaugural conference

·Assisting in corporate improvement and standardizing corporate governance and performance

·Providing necessary training to corporate staff

·Assisting companies in establishing decision-making and internal control systems for effective corporate operation

·Standardizing affiliated transactions, establishing decision-making and information-disclosing systems to avoid horizontal competitions

·Providing overall solutions and advising on their legitimacy, feasibility and conformity with corporate interests

·Reviewing clients’ employment and confidentiality agreements with intermediaries, such as, underwriters and auditors

·Issuing legal opinions, lawyer reports and other relevant documents required by regulatory authorities

·Providing legal attestations for some corporate documents