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Labor & Employment


The professionals in AnJie’s labor & employment team are highly conversant with every aspect of Chinese labor legislation and judicial proceedings. As labor & employment experts, AnJie’s lawyers work closely with business enterprises in appropriately handling labor-capital relations, constructing effective labor and human resources systems, managing contract labor relations, and resolving a variety of disputes by applying current labor laws, in order to alleviate conflicts between capital and labor, improve management, and facilitate increased efficiency and production.

AnJie’s lawyers maintain close and frequent contact with governmental authorities, labor law research institutes, and prestigious HR research institutes, and have established long-term and stable working relations with them. This enables AnJie to always keep up to date with the latest issues regarding employment and labor law-making and enforcement, and to provide timely and highly-efficient services in response to clients’ specific requirements in the unique market and legal environment in China.

Our Expertise

AnJie’s lawyers are able to provide clients with labor & employment services including but not limited to the following aspects:

·Assisting enterprises in formulating strategies for corporate labor & employment and staffing management and proving relevant legal services by differentiating industry specialties, managing models, corporate cultures, etc.

·Standardizing labor contract management; formulating, reviewing, and revising collective contracts, labor dispatching contracts, confidentiality agreements, and non-compete agreements

·Assisting enterprises in establishing internal management systems; legal counseling on procedures for employee hiring, retention, and discharge

·Assisting enterprises with labor reorganization after staff layoff due to economic recession or strategic adjustments

·Assisting enterprises in staff transfer, dismissal, and resettlement during corporate reorganization, bankruptcy, and liquidation

·Legal counseling on labor unions and employees’ assemblies

·Representing clients in labor disputes, negotiation, arbitration, and litigation

·Advising clients on recent national policies regarding labor and HR