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Bankruptcy & Reorganization


The professionals in AnJie’s bankruptcy and restructuring (“BR”) group provide high-level services. They are equipped with both insightful legal theories and extensive practice experience. AnJie’s BR lawyers stand at the forefront of the legal industry and keep well-informed on the most recent legal issues and decisions in their fields.

AnJie employs prominent lawyers with expertise in the fields of corporate governance, securities, labor and employment, real estate, taxation, anti-monopoly, intellectual property, litigation and arbitration, maintaining strong cooperative relationships with reputable auditing institutions, and accounting and assessing agencies. Coordinating and utilizing all available resources, AnJie’s attorneys are able to provide clients with integrated services and legal opinions to assist with bankruptcy and reorganization.

Our Expertise

AnJie’s lawyers are able to provide clients with bankruptcy and restructuring services including, but not limited to, the following aspects:

·Applying for bankruptcy to relevant courts under entrustment of the debtor and creditor

·Representing debtors in claims and exercising debtor’s rights in bankruptcy

·Representing other bankruptcy-related parties (including, but not limited to, co-benefit obligees, corporate staff, and other individuals or organizations) in exercising debtor’s rights in bankruptcy

·Acting as bankruptcy administrator designated by the court to exercise its rights

·Acting as lawyers for the bankruptcy administrator and members of the liquidation team

·Assisting enterprises in perfecting corporate systems and governance during reconciliation and reorganization

·Representing clients in litigation and/or arbitration during bankruptcy

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