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Maritime and Admiralty


AnJie’s maritime practice is comprised of leading experts in the field of maritime law. Our lawyers have had legal education and training overseas, and are well experienced in maritime, admiralty, shipbuilding, ship financing. We represent clients in a range of complex maritime affairs including ship collision, environmental pollution, rescue and wreck salvages. AnJie’s maritime lawyers handle legal disputes and provide counseling regarding shipping and freight cargo for ship owners, ship operators, brokers, charterers, insurance companies, shipping associations, navigation engineering companies, trading companies, freight forwarders, ship forwarders, port operators and logistics companies. AnJie also has expertise and experience in non-litigation services in constructing and renting ports, ships and marine engineering. AnJie lawyers provide comprehensive solutions that are tailored to clients’ needs and objectives, as well as follow-up services pertaining to maritime affairs.

Our Expertise

AnJie lawyers are able to provide clients with maritime-related services including but not limited to the following aspects:


·Ship collision

·Shipping bumping on marine infrastructures

·Marine fire explosion

·Marine disaster rescue and wreck salvages

·Sea pollution

·Marine casualties

·General average and particular average

·Port construction disputes

·Ship detention and release

·Ship hijacking and piracy

Maritime commerce and ocean engineering

·Ocean shipping, international multimodal transport, coastal and inland water transport

·Bareboat charter, time charter, voyage charter and contract of affreightment

·International logistics (including air, land, sea transportation , warehousing and logistics distribution)

·Ship contracting, operating and managing contracts

·Contracts of port construction and ocean engineering, waterway dredging engineering

·Ship accessories, materials and fuel oil supply contracts

·Renting and safekeeping contracts

·Retention, detention and auction of ships and freights, maritime claims and maritime guarantee

·Ship and freight forwarding

·Cargo and ship insurances

·Salvage contract, towage, traction and port construction

·Crew employment contracts

·Maritime deception, smuggling and piracy

·Maritime administrative litigations

Ship building, buying, selling and financing

·Modeling for ship building, buying, selling and financing

·Ship building

·Ship buying and selling (including new and used ships)

·Ship mortgage

·Ship delivery

·Ship repairs, alteration and disassembling

·Financing loans in ship building, buying and selling

·Establishment of ship management companies and one-ship companies

·Dispute settlement regarding ship building, buying &selling and financing

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