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China Motor Insurance Market Development Report 2014

浏览次数: Jan 5,2016

China Motor Insurance Market Development Report 2014

Co-authored by Dr. Zhan Hao  

The Report observed and studied the development pattern of the Chinese motor insurance market in a systematic and historical way, combining theory with practice. It also conducted a qualitative and quantitative analysis, combining domestic reality with international trends. The Report mirrors reality as well as foresight. Furthermore, it fills the domestic gap in the field of motor insurance market studies.

Focused mainly on the motor insurance industry’s reform and innovation, this book systematically reviewed, comprehensively summarized and showed the panorama of the 2014 insurance market development status. It conducted an in-depth analysis of the Chinese motor insurance market’s development environment, the operation mechanism, the business model, the sales model and the service model. Furthermore, it introduced in detail the operation status of the motor insurance market in certain countries and regions. The Report especially combed and analyzed some key issues existing in the motor insurance reform and innovation in a systematic and in-depth way. It is of positive and instructive value to further reform and development of China’s motor insurance market.







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