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China Purports to Adopt New Measures to Boost Foreign Investment in 2017

Author::Simon Li, Bo Hu浏览次数: Jan 11,2017

Co-authored by Mr. Simon Li and Bo Hu 

Since September of 2016, the Chinese government has adopted a series of measures to reshape its FDI regime, signaling its determination to strengthen efforts to attract moreforeign investments in the coming years. As a significant move,the State Council passed theCircular on Measures for FurtherOpening Up andActiveUse of Foreign Investment(the “Circular”)on December 28, 2016, which purports to further relax the curbs on foreign investment to boost the economic transformation and industries upgrading and transfer in order to adapt to the new domestic and abroad economic situation. The text of the Circular willbe officially released to the public shortly. But in a recent press briefing of the State Council, some highlights of the Circular have been revealed.According to the highlights revealed in the press briefing, the Circular laysfoundation for the future foreign investment policies in the following aspects:


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