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The Hot Issues of China Anti-trust Private Litigation

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The Hot Issues of China Anti-trust Private Litigation

The Juridical Interpretation Issued by PRC Supreme Court and the Analysis of Anti-trust Cases

Authored by Dr. Zhan Hao  

This book was published upon the issuance of the Juridical Interpretation onApplication of Laws in Private Litigation Cases Arising from Monopoly Behaviors by PRC Supreme Court (the Interpretation). The book elaborates on the legislative purposes of the Interpretation, how its provisions came about and its major applications, and it provides guidance for antitrust practices. The author, together with Chinese juridical practices and antitrust practices in other countries and regions across the globe, discusses complex issues that may arise in antitrust private litigation hearings. Notably, the author has made his analysis from an economic perspective, which demonstrates the role of economic analysis in the application of antitrust law. The author also offers insightful analysis on recent antitrust private litigation cases in China. Additionally, the book includes original texts of the Interpretation and the exposure draft of the Juridical Interpretation on Application of Laws in Private Litigation Cases.




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