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The New Insurance Law-Interpretation on Practice Highlights and Case Analysis

Author::詹昊浏览次数: Nov 1,2012


The New Insurance Law-interpretation on Practice Highlights and Case Analysis

Authored by Dr. Zhan Hao

In accordance with new Insurance Law published on October 2009, Dr. Zhan Hao published The New Insurance Law – Interpretation on Practice Highlights and Case Analysis. In this book, Dr. Zhan compares the new Insurance Law with the former one, analyzes the influence of the new Insurance Law on insurance industry from viewpoint of practice,brilliantly expounds the highlights and complex questions aroused by new Insurance Law, provides countermeasures to insurance companies and explains the different consequences when the old and new Insurance Law applies on the same case. This book is practical and serves as a suitable guide book for students, scholars and insurance practitioners.


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